The Last 4 Months!

So, once Marissa was born things got a little busy… I don’t understand why. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Anyways, Marissa has been doing great! ¬†Here is a quick update on the last 4 months.

  • August 2nd – Marissa is born!! ¬†We got a call from Marissa’s birthmother on Sunday night August 1st… she was on her way to the hospital! ¬†On Monday morning around 9:05am I got a picture texted to me of our new baby girl! ¬†I had just arrived at work – and promptly left at about 9:10am ūüôā ¬†There was NO way I could work anymore. ¬†I was so excited! ¬†I went home and started calling people, sending out her picture and who knows what else. ¬†We had to wait to get the OK to come to the hospital… that was the hardest wait!! ¬†We finally got the call in the afternoon on August 3rd. ¬†We were over there within 30 minutes. ¬†My heart felt an overwhelming love for our daughter! ¬†I remember thinking – WOW… what a miracle! ¬†This picture is of our first visit with Marissa.

  • August 4th – The day Marissa was scheduled to come home. ¬†This was the most exciting, but also very emotional day for all. ¬†We met the caseworker at the hospital at noon that day. ¬†We signed some paperwork while the birthmother’s caseworker was working with her to sign paperwork. ¬†We then went in the room. ¬†I’m not going to share a lot about this out of respect for those involved (if you have questions about let me know and I can talk to you via email), but this was a very emotional day for all involved. ¬†Once we got home the visits began! ¬†We were overwhelmed with all the people that wanted to meet Marissa! ¬†Those first few days were surreal. ¬†We were so exhausted, but didn’t care. ¬†Tim took a couple weeks off which was a life saver. ¬†That would have been tough on my own that’s for sure. ¬†All we did for hours and hours on end is watch her… we watched her smile in her sleep, make faces and cry. ¬†All so magical!

  • September 17 – The adoption was going to court on this day. ¬†Bethany Christian Services had not gotten signed paperwork from the birthfather, so this was a very nervous day for us. ¬†If the birthfather showed up for this, we were told that it would get rescheduled and arguments would be heard for him contesting the adoption on a different day. ¬†We did not go to this… so I was waiting around at home… carrying my phone everywhere I went. ¬†We got a call about 3:30pm… she could not say the words quick enough. ¬†He did not show up!! ¬†Everything was final and Marissa was ours!!

  • September 18-Now – We have 2 visits with our case worker (one we already had at the beginning of the month – the other will be at the beginning of March). ¬†Once those are complete, we will receive a birth certificate and final papers. ¬†We are so enjoying our new daughter! ¬†She is the most beautiful little girl that seems to always smile at everyone. ¬†She just makes our hearts melt each day.

For those of you that are wondering – this is an open adoption. ¬†So, we have visits with Marissa’s birthmom every 3 months or so. ¬†We send pictures and updates every other week (unless things are really busy). ¬†We love her birthmom and are so excited to have her be a part of Marissa’s life too. ¬†Last month we were able to attend her wedding. ¬†We felt honored to be a part of that day. ¬†We got some great pictures for Marissa to have some day.

2 comments on “The Last 4 Months!

  1. Anna DY says:

    what a wonderful story, thanks for sharing, I am so happy for you all!

  2. CJ Olson says:

    Congratulations on your sweet baby girl!! She is so adorable and we are praying for your family of three.

    The Olsons

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