Month: April 2010

We are going to be parents!!

So, this morning was a normal Monday morning.  Always hard to get up on a Monday morning, but we made it up.  Tim left for work and that is my time to spend time with God – I have more recently gotten back into journaling my prayers to God which has been great for me.  As you can imagine, one of my prayers lately is in regards to a child that we hope to adopt some day.  I’ve been pouring my heart out to God through this whole journey.  This morning one thing I prayed is this, “I pray that something exciting will happen on the adoption front this week.”  Seriously… that is what I wrote and prayed.

A little info that seems irrelevant – but it will make sense soon.  For all of our case workers calls, I try to go somewhere private so that I can ask questions and be free to say what I want without telling others what is going on.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my team at Daybreak… I just wanted Tim to be the first to hear any news before my coworkers 🙂  Anyways, my phone was dead and plugged into the wall… so I was tied to my desk.

So, now fast forward to 10:23am and I’m working.  My cell phone is ringing… it is our case worker.  She asks me if I have a minute to talk.  Of course I have a minute to talk (but I’m tied to my desk)!!  So, I just say, yes of course I can talk.  She says, “I have some good news for you.”  At this point I’m ecstatic!!  I can’t stop smiling… but I’m trying to contain myself since I’m at my desk.  She goes on to tell me that a one of the birthmothers had chosen us to parent her child!!  She gave me lots of details… I just kept saying… “I’m so excited.”  She probably couldn’t tell I was really so excited because I was trying to talk quietly.  Anyways, I said “so what is next?”  She explained that we will meet with her sometime next week!!  All I can say is “I’M SO EXCITED!!”

So I get off the phone and of course one of my coworkers asks me if I’m going to be a mom.  I just say… I can’t tell you anything yet.  I need to call Tim!!  Once I get off the phone of course I share with my coworkers the news.  Can you tell I’M SO EXCITED!!

The birthmother is due at the beginning of August… so we have 4 months to prepare for a baby!

I want to share with you guys a couple things, and I hope you will understand.  We want our child’s story to be something that is theirs only and something they can cherish and learn more about as they grow in time.  Part of what we learned about adoption is that the situation that causes a child to be put up for adoption and any details about the birthmother should be shared only with that child.  Then if that child wants to share information with others, they can do that.  So, we will not be sharing lots of those details about the actual reason for adoption or about the birthparents other than the basics.  Thanks for understanding!  You can of course ask questions about our journey, what is coming up and how we are preparing for our baby 🙂

We will get many more details about what is to come next week.  We do know that she would like us to be at the hospital when she delivers and we will take the child home from the hospital.  Many have asked if she could change her mind.  Of course she can, but Bethany does a great job at preparing them and not matching them with a family until they are pretty sure that won’t happen.  But, there is always a slight risk of this.

THANK YOU all for your prayers and support through this whole process.

Prayer Requests for Tonight:
• Pray for this birthmother.  Pray that she will feel at peace about her decision.
• Pray for our meeting next week.  Pray that we really hit it off with the birthmother and enjoy getting to know her.

God’s Timing

We got a call from our case worker today.  The birthmother and father that we met with on Monday has decided to go with another family.  That was hard news to get today–mainly because we thought the meeting went SO well and I know I was feeling like this might be it.  But, apparently it wasn’t the right situation for us.  It is still hard even now as I think about it.  I was trying so hard to not get my hopes up.  Anyways, I know they had to make the best decision for them.  I’m going to continue to pray for them and their baby.  They were a great couple.

So, what is next for us?

Well… our profile is out to 2 more birthmothers right now.  Another possible 2 next week.  So, it could still happen.  One of the situations next week is for a baby that is already born – she is 2 weeks old.  I’m not sure what God has in store, but I know His plan is best.  I know when we hold our child for the first time, I will understand why we had to wait.  Can you please pray for us as we work through these UP’s and DOWN’s of this process?  It is VERY difficult.  Thanks!