Our Family Story

In case some of you don’t know what brought us to adoption I wanted to share.  In 2008 Tim and I began trying to have children.  It took over a year for us to get pregnant the first time.  Ten weeks into the pregnancy I had a miscarriage.  This happened two more times, the last with twins.  It was devastating to us as we both love children and have a huge desire to have a family.  We spent much time praying and seeking God’s will for us to have a family.  He has brought us to adoption.

We’ve always talked about adoption as an option, maybe after we have our own children, but in light of the miscarriages we’ve stepped into this journey earlier than originally planned.  We are now very excited to be able to be a part of this process.  We’ve learned so much in the past year about adoption and much of which we will share with you in the months to come.

I believe that many people have a misconceptions on domestic adoption, as I had them when we started this process.  I’m hoping that you will get a glimpse of what domestic adoption is really like.  I’m also hoping you will pray for Tim and I as we begin our wait for an expectant mom to choose us.  I will post more things to pray about in the weeks to come.  Thanks for joining Tim and I in this journey through prayer!

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  1. Patti Hentig says:

    Tim and Vanessa, I am so excited for you guys, and I believe God will soon bring to you a beautiful child to help fill all the love in your home and complete your circle of Love!!
    I will continue to pray for you both!
    What a joyful time you both are sharing, and also, what great parents you will make!!
    God Bless you!
    Love, Patti

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