Moving on…

Just a quick post tonight.  We found out today that the birthmother choose someone from another state.  It sounds like she didn’t end up looking at any profiles at the Bethany Office.  We are bummed, but just trusting God’s plan.  We don’t want a baby that God doesn’t want us to have, so we are moving on and trusting Him.

Prayer Request:
Pray that Tim and I will have wisdom to know which situations to move forward with or not.  Our case worker will come to us with different child situations – older children, babies that might have special needs, etc.  We have been praying through each thing that has been brought to us.  Our prayer is that we will hear God’s voice and follow His lead for each situation.  Can you pray for us too?

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  1. Michele Nolte says:

    We will continue to Pray that God opens the door to the child you are to adopt and for you to feel his guidance to that child.
    All Our Love, Mom and Dad

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