Christmas is different at our house this year.  I’m so looking forward to the new experiences with Marissa!  We’ve already gotten our tree, strung popcorn and put up the decorations.  She is mesmerized by all of the new things in our house.  I already loved this time of year… now it is even more special!  I’m looking forward to sending out our first Christmas Card as a family of three.  In the past, we’ve done Christmas letters, but this year we are going to attempt a card from Shutterfly.  They have options to write short updates right on the card, so this is what we are going to do this year.  I think this will be a little more simple with a 4 month old in our house now 🙂   Now, I better get going on them so they are out before Christmas right?!?

Just by posting something about my cards this year, I’m getting our Shutterfly holiday cards for free!  If you are a blogger, you can too! Just go to here and sign up! I love free stuff!!

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