Going Crazy!

That picture is exactly how I felt today.  I really didn’t expect a call… but that didn’t stop me from hoping we would get some news.  I had my phone with me at all times today – hoping I would hear it ring.  I did work today obviously, so I wasn’t just sitting there staring at the phone (I would really be crazy then!!) but it was hard for me to not think about what was going to happen today.  For those of you that have told me your are praying and for any others that didn’t tell me – thank you!!  We got so many comments and words of encouragement today!  I took comfort in the fact that so many were praying and that God has control of the whole thing.  Because of that, I know that whatever happens, Tim and I will be blessed.  We have already been blessed with so much!

So, how long will we wait?  I’m not sure… I’m hoping that the birthmom takes the weekend and makes a decision so we know.  But it will be a tough decision for her I’m sure, so it could be a couple weeks.  Someone asked me this morning if she could wait until after she has the baby to make the final decision and the answer is “yes.”  Everything is her decision at this point and we have heard of this happening.  I pray that it happens sooner than that.

Here is our prayer request for tonight:
I cannot imagine having to make the difficult decision of who will raise my baby.  Pray for the mom that looked through the profiles today.  Pray that she will feel God’s guidance to the right parents for her baby.  Pray that as she talks to friends and family about this decision over the weekend that they will be supportive and encouraging to her.  Pray also for Tim and I as we wait… waiting is SO hard!!

3 comments on “Going Crazy!

  1. Michele Nolte says:

    I am Pray constantly and will continue to Pray for the Birth Mom and for you to hear something one way or another. Which My Prayer and Hope is that you two are the ones she picks to be her Baby’s parents. In Christ Love and Continual Prayers. Mom

  2. Patti Hentig says:

    Do you see these messages?
    Just want to make sure you do!!

  3. Vanessa Nolte says:

    Yes, I see all these messages and get an email when you post something. All of the messages have been very encouraging to Tim and I! Keep them coming!! Thanks!

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