We got a CALL!!

At about 1:30pm today I got a call from our case worker.  They apparently have gotten quite busy and now have some expectant mom’s that are looking through profiles.  So, our case worker called to let us know that our profile will be shown on Friday!!  YAY!!  This will be our first time being “shown” so we are super excited, but also don’t want to get our hopes up in case she chooses another family.  She will probably be looking at several profiles, so we can’t get too excited here.  But, she is due in a little over a month.  So, whoever she chooses will only have a few weeks to prepare.  In most circumstances, the expectant mom would hold onto our profile (along with the others) for a few weeks, really studying them and finding the perfect family.  In this instance, because she only has a month to go – it might move a little quicker… but who knows.  Our case worker said she would let us know as soon as she knows something.  I will post something on here when I get news… so check back!

So a big prayer request tonight:
Pray for the expectant mom that will be viewing our profile on Friday.  Pray that she will choose the right family for her and her baby.  Pray that she will get the support she needs during these last weeks of her pregnancy and for this decision she has to make.  Tim and I are just trusting God’s plan – of course we want to be chosen, but if we aren’t – then we know it wasn’t the right baby for us.  Pray for us as we ride this roller coaster of emotions for the days to come as we wait to hear something.

4 comments on “We got a CALL!!

  1. Patti Hentig says:

    Vanessa and Tim, I will be praying for this Mom!! She has a big decision to make. Can I pray she only looks at your profile?
    Really, I hope and pray she just makes the right decision, she has already made one great one by keeping the baby and turning it over to a loving family that can raise her child!!
    Love you guys!

  2. Justin Orlik says:

    Oh my gosh you guys our prayers are with you. How exciting that you got the call that your profile will be shown.

  3. Oooo!! Exciting! As soon as you get your baby I want to take pictures!!!! Praying for you guys!!!

  4. Mom BONNIE says:

    I pray the waiting won’t be so hard for you both, just know it all happens in Gods time. I have to remember that too,the expecting grandma and grandpa are really excited about this too. I just pray this mom will make the right decesion for her and her baby.

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