A Fantastic Friday

NO – the picture above is not our fully decorated Nursery… we aren’t that good!  But, we went and registered for things at Babys R Us on Friday!!  It was SO much fun!  We still want to check things out at Target and register there too.  I had to share the look we are thinking we are going to go with, the “jungle” theme.  We won’t do the things all over the wall, we really like the simple look.  Hopefully we will get dark chocolate furniture (not like the picture because that furniture is like $300 a piece… can’t really afford that)!!  The room that we have for our baby is freshly painted in a green shade close to what is in the picture.   The only question we had is this – is the jungle theme gender neutral??  We decided it was… there weren’t very many choices if you don’t know the gender of the baby.  Anyways, I have worked with children for over 10 years so you would think registering should be easy.  We spent almost 2 hours there and registered for like 60 items.  CRAZY!  I can’t believe how many different things there are, we even saw a pacifier case.  NO we did not register for that!  Do you really need a case for a pacifier??  Maybe some people really like them, but I can’t imagine using one.

The other reason Friday was fantastic was because it was the day that our profile was put online on Bethany’s website (Our Profile).  We’ve been waiting all week for it to be put up.  They actually put up the wrong letter (it was way too long) and didn’t include one of our pictures that we gave them, so I’m hoping it will get fixed next week, but it is so nice to see us actually “available” online.

Let me explain a little about the online profile.  There are a few different ways we could be chosen as adoptive parents:

  1. A birthmom could come into the Grand Rapids office and they would get to see a binder full of families including ours.  In the binder is a one page information sheet with a picture of Tim and I (and other families).  They choose from that binder whose profile book they would like to see.  Usually, they pick several from the binder.  They then get to take the profile books home for a while as they read through them and find a family that is the right fit for their child.
  2. An expectant mom from anywhere in the United States could be looking for an adoptive family and look through the website to find us.  They can search by state on the website, so if they have gone into another Bethany Office like Holland or Kalamazoo, they might want to see who is in Grand Rapids and check out our profile online.  If they are interested in us, they would contact the Grand Rapids Office and request our profile book.

Most of the time, adoptive parents are chosen by an expectant mom from the same office.  So, that is what we are expecting, but we are open to traveling to another state to receive our child.

Thank you to those that have been praying and following along – this has been fun to do so far and I’m enjoying the prep time for our baby to come home.

Prayer Request:
This is something that I’ve been praying and I would love your prayers as well.  I’ve been praying for the birthmom that I know will soon be a part of our life.  Praying that as she works through her pregnancy or even if she isn’t pregnant yet, that God would keep her safe and help her to see the God loves her no matter what.  I’ve been praying that God’s arms will wrap around her and help to fill any questions or concerns she may have in her life at this time.

3 comments on “A Fantastic Friday

  1. Patti Hentig says:

    Vanessa and Tim,
    How exciting this is for you guys, and as I read you web site I too get so excited! I will pray the same prayer you have list!!
    May God Bless you Both!!
    Love, Patti

  2. Heather says:

    Tim and Vanessa,

    I am so excited for you guys, and looking at all the prep work you doing…I bet its even more exciting! I just wanted to let you know that I have been and am praying for and with you guys during this time.

    I know that God will bless you guys greatly!

  3. Michele Nolte says:

    We are Praying for you and the Birth Mom. We can’t wait for God to Bless you with that little bundle of Joy. I Love the Baby’s room it will be great. We are thinking of come in February like the weekend of the 12 as I also have Monday the 15th off. I know God is with you Both through this journey and the plans he has set before you. All Our Love and PRAYERS, Mom

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