Let the Waiting Begin

I’ve learned that adoption has a lot of “waiting” times.  We turn in our application… wait for it to be processed.  We meet with a caseworker… wait for the homestudy to be complete.  We complete our profile… then wait for it to be shown to birthparents.  We then wait to be chosen, wait for the baby to be born, wait for the court date… wait, wait, wait.  Boy is it hard to wait! But, I think God provides “waiting” times for us to grow closer to Him.  God knows that we are anxious or don’t know what is coming around the corner of life next – this helps us to give up our tight grip of control and trust God.  That has been my prayer for Tim and I through this whole process of waiting.  That is one of the hardest things for me – I’m such detailed person that I like to know where we are at with each step and know what is next for us… but God never intended our life to be that way.  HE wants to have full control of our life!  That is what I’m constantly working towards.

One of the hard things is the anticipation that it “might” happen soon.  Some families are chosen within the first few weeks of being shown to birthparents.  But, I don’t dwell on that because I don’t want to be disappointed if it takes a couple years. How do we balance the excitement, but not get dissapointed?  That will be something I will have to learn in the next month – all while remembering that God has control of this whole situation.

Our case worker told us yesterday that right now they do not have any birthparents looking for adoptive families (which is actually a good thing but not very promising for us).  From my understanding though this is normal with the agency… they go through times of many birthparents and then not very many.  It can change overnight.

Here is my prayer request for tonight:
Pray that Tim and I will know what God is teaching us through the “wait”.  We want to hear his voice and follow His lead each step of the way.

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