Getting the Room Ready

We have a crib!  Thanks to Tim’s mom and dad who purchased a crib for us while they were here last weekend.  It is nice to see the room get some baby furniture in it.  I can’t wait until it is full of things!  Like I’ve said before, we could get a baby a year from now… or we could have a baby next week.  So, we are trying to be as prepared as we can if we are chosen by a mother that already had her baby.  We already have a crib, pack and play and high chair!  Next on our list will be a car seat and some of the little necessities – diapers, clothing, bottles, formula, etc.  We can’t bring a baby home without a car seat – that is a big necessity!!  It has been fun to look at those things!

I think we’ve had a total of 5 birthmothers look through our profile so far – all of them have chosen other families.  It has been hard, but each time our case worker has told us about another birthmother that she would like to show our profile to.  So, there is another birthmother and birthfather that will be looking through our profile this week… and possibly another next week.  We are staying hopeful!

One of the things that Tim and I have been talking about these past few weeks is “networking”.  I have learned so much about adoption over these past months.  One thing that I’ve really learned about through others that are adopting on Bethany’s Forums is that many people do a lot of networking to find a birthmother.  Some place ads in the newspaper, make business cards and leave them at businesses, etc.  That is something that Tim and I are really not comfortable with.  Maybe some of you that have adopted have done that, but that is not for us.  We do hope that if any of our friends hears of anyone that is considering giving their child up for adoption – that they might think of us.

Thanks for those of you that have been praying for us and for our future baby!

Prayer Requests for Today:
• Pray for this couple this week that will be viewing our profile.  Pray that they will feel God’s guidance on their decision.
• Pray for Tim and I as we wait for the baby God has in store for us.  Pray that we can lean on God during this wait.

2 comments on “Getting the Room Ready

  1. Michele Nolte says:

    You are in Our Prayers Daily. I still wish we could have got the dresser also that day. Have you heard anything from Babies R Us? Let me know that brand name I was going to check with the one by us to see if they have the dresser. I am also checking out the Stroller and car seat that you have on your site. Well It was so Great to go shopping with you and to be able to provide you with the Crib. We Praise God for Tim’s job offer and we Know God does have your Baby in mind.
    All Our Love, Mom

  2. Vanessa Nolte says:

    My mom talked about getting either the car seat or the dresser/changing table when they come in again. I’m sure they will have them soon… I’m not worried. Don’t worry about looking there. 🙂 Thanks!

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