Our Baby…

From the title, you would think I have good news… but not yet.  I’ve just been thinking a lot about our baby… whether our baby hasn’t been conceived yet… or is growing as we speak and is not born yet… or is already born.  I’ve just been spending some time praying for our baby.  Praying that he/she will feel loved and important.  That they will grow to love God as much as Tim and I do.  That they will be healthy and grow strong.  I pray for our baby several times a day… partially because that is all I can do right now.  But, our baby is not the only thing we are praying for… we are praying for the expectant mother that is, has or will be carrying our baby.  Praying that God will surround her with His love and protect her, help her to make great decisions for her baby.  My mind is filled with this prayer several times a day.  Thank you to those of you that have been praying with Tim and I.

Something you may not know about domestic adoption…
We will more than likely be taking a baby home from the hospital.  When we are chosen, the birthmother will decide if they want us at the hospital during the delivery.  That is totally up to her… but for the most part placement happens when the mother is discharged from the hospital.  So, we will have a VERY newborn!!  Sometimes the expectant mother will even invite you to doctor appointments to see the baby in an ultrasound before they are born.

Then following the time we take the baby home from the hospital… we wait until the court date.  At the court date it is official that the baby is ours.  The court date usually happens within a month (I think I have that number right).  Although everyone has heard the stories of a mother taking her child back… and it does happen… but the agency does a great job at trying to explore all options before they even go down the “adoption” road, one of which is parenting themselves.  So, by the time they get to the birth of their child, they should be ready.  There is always a risk… but it is a risk we are willing to take.

Baby Room is Coming Together!!
We now have the changing station and dresser and a pack and play.  The pack and play is also a bassinet and changing area… I don’t know if we will use that or not… but at least we have the option.  My Mom and Dad got us the stroller… YAY!!  So, we are ready for a baby!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Prayer Request:
• Pray hard over this next week… it could happen!!  Pray for the expectant mom that will one day be a part of our lives!  Pray for our baby that it will be healthy and strong!

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