Could be it… excited and nervous!

It has been a while since we’ve last posted and that is not for lack of things happening.  We have had some great things happen on the adoption front over the past month.  Here are 3 of the big things that are going on right now.

  1. If you know anything about me… you know that I don’t do things “half-heartedly” so over the past months I’ve been doing lots and lots of research on adoption.  I have found MANY websites where agencies, referral businesses, etc post what they call “available situations.”  On one of those sites, I found an agency that was looking for a family in Michigan.  We submitted our information to the agency and a couple weeks later we were told that she wanted to meet us and one other family.  (Thanks to my friend Delia for being a sounding block after we found out we were meeting – she has been there before with her adoption and was EXTREMELY helpful!)  We met with her and boy were we nervous!  We didn’t know what to expect or even what kinds of things she might ask because it was not the agency that we have actually listed with.  We didn’t get a ton of details.  But, it was a great meeting.  We found out on Monday that she ended up going with another family.  It was a bummer to hear, but we are still trusting God and His plan.
  2. We have also been doing a lot of research on getting a quick placement and one of the things that I’ve seen recommended over and over was to list with multiple agencies.  Now, this can be costly because with most agencies you have to pay some costs up front to be shown.  So, we’ve been holding off on this, but this past week we decided we would move forward with this.  We had a meeting on Tuesday morning with Adoption Associates in Hudsonville.  (We are already listed with Bethany Christian Services.)  Adoption Associates have a big need for couples/families that will adopt African American children.  She gave us a bunch of things to fill out and complete and then we would be able to be shown there.  (But now this has been put on hold… see #3)
  3. I got a call from our caseworker at Bethany in the afternoon on Tuesday.  One of the birthmothers that was looking at our profile through Bethany would like to meet us and one other family.  So, we will be meeting her and the birthfather on April 12!!  So, because of this we are holding off on listing with another agency until after we have this meeting.  Maybe this will be it!!  Then just today, our caseworker from Bethany called and said if this one doesn’t choose us that there might be another possibility.  Another birthmother has expressed interest in us!!  Cool!

On another note… the baby room is coming together.  We got the bedding for the crib and a few more decorations.  I will hopefully post pictures soon.

Thanks for all those that are still praying!

Prayer request for today:
Pray for our meeting on April 12.  Pray that God will help calm our nerves and that we can just be ourselves and enjoy the meeting.

2 comments on “Could be it… excited and nervous!

  1. Amy says:

    Oh Vanessa what fantastic news!!! It’s going to happen soon, I just know it will. Although my heart is with AAI, 😉 I do hope you don’t even have to deal with them at all! Can’t wait to hear more about what happens. Many prayers coming your way!!

  2. Vanessa Nolte says:

    Thanks Amy!

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